Fort Collins Body Contouring Plastic Surgery 

A body lift improves the shape and tone of the skin in the buttocks, thighs, abdominal  area, and the arms. It is a procedure that remove excessive fat and sagging skin.  The causes are pregnancy, when you lose weight rapidly or gain it, aging, too much sun,  or chronic illness damages your skin. The results are sagging skin and fat that are not toned and hard to remove. A body lift can be performed on the upper, mid, or lower body givingyou back that youthful look again.  

When you are thinking about a body lift it is important to contact a Board Certified Plastic Surgeon like our Fort Collins plastic surgeons. We have years of experience and will be able to find the right procedure that meets your personal needs.

What Makes A Good Candidate for A Body Lift?

A man or woman that wants a body lift should be in good physical and mental health. When you have lost about 30 to 60% of your peak weight a body lift can help with the sagging skin left over from weight loss. Your weight loss should be stable for a few years before undergoing surgery.  Individuals that eat a healthy diet, exercise, and do not smoke or drink to the excess are good candidates. It's important that you have realistic expectations and our surgeons will discuss the procedure in detail with you. Candidates that have had bariatric surgery often benefit from body lifts.

What Types of Body Lifts Are Given

When you have tried to remove stubborn fat and tone sagging skin after weight loss or pregnancy a body lifthelps you get your skin tone back. All of our body contouring surgeons perform arms lifts called a brachioplasty, thigh lifts, and a buttock lifts. These procedures require a candidate to be at a stable weight so they do not need to have more than one surgery performed.

A arm lift addresses the extra fat on the top of the arms. This surgery shapes and contours the upper arms and removes the fat and sagging skin. When you have exercised and dieted and the results are not what you pictures this procedure may be a good choice. A thigh lift can tone that sagging skin on the thighs and give your thighs a youthful look. Now you finally can wear that bathing suit and shorts without embarrassment. it improves sagging skin, dimpled or irregular skin textures, and make skin more supple.

A buttock augmentation helps you to look better when you wear tight jeans, shorts and bathing suits. Often it consists of an implant that give your buttocks a more shapely and curvy look. These implants are very similar to breast implants. Many body lifts procedures are performed in conjunction with other types of bodycontouring surgery.  These surgeries can provide amazing result giving you a toned youthful look.

Our surgeons are all certified by the American Board of Plastic Surgery and completed years residency for Plastic Surgery. Contact our office to learn more about body lifts in Fort Collins and surrounding areas. Call970-368-4542 to schedule a consultation or fill out the online form and start on the road to a trimmer you. 

After my 3rd child, I wanted to return my body to what it was prior to children. My husband suggested I contact you and I am so glad I did. My stomach is back to what it was, prior to children, and my rear-end is tight and back where it belongs. Thank you!
— Jennifer Cohagen - Tummy Tuck, Body Lift, and Liposuction