Fort Collins Breast Argumentation 

Our breast augmentation centers in Fort Collins can provide you with the young, vibrant feeling you have on the inside, on the outside. Our plastic surgery centers can help weather pregnancy or weight loss has decreased your breast volume or you are suffering from back pain due to large breasts. We can give you the look and feel you desire from your breast augmentation.

Although this page gives information you may be looking for on finding a breast implant or breast reduction in Fort Collins, everyone is different and requires a confidential consultation to ensure you are getting the best services available. For a more detailed plan, including pricing, please call us at 970-368-4542.

What Is Breast Augmentation?

Breast augmentation is a surgical procedure that can enlarge, reshape, lift, or decrease the size of your breasts. This can be for cosmetic reasons or due to health concerns. Here is what you can expect from breast augmentation.

Breast augmentation increases or decrease the overall size of the breasts and can provide you with a physical appearance of a younger, well shaped breast.  The most common reasons we see for a breast implant is due to pregnancy or a self-confidence feeling about the size and shape of the breast.

Breast Augmentation Customization

Making the decision to undergo a breast augmentation, either enlarge and lift, or decrease the size to have a higher quality of life, you are in control of your appearance.  These include:

  • Size and volume of the breast implant
  • Type of breast implant
  • Location of the breast augmentation incision
  • The placement of the breast implant

During your free and confidential consultation, the surgeon will work with you to understand your cosmetic or health goals, evaluate the breast tissue, and provide you with a recommendation based your identified goals. Once you and your surgeon agree on a move forward plan, you will schedule out your procedure with one of our breast augmentation specialists.

Why Choose Our Fort Collins Center?

A board certified surgeon is paramount in your personal safety and also in achieving the desired result.  All of our Fort Collins plastic surgeons are board-certified and have performed hundreds of breast augmentation. This provides you with a reassurance as to your safety and satisfaction.

Our customized process of understanding your needs and taking the time to answer your questions is paramount in your success through the process.  Our surgeons truly take the time to inform you on every aspect of breast augmentation, which gives you all the information you need to make a life changing decision.

Thank you! You gave me back the breasts I had 15 years ago. The process was easy and handled very professionally.
— Jenna Schuman, Breast Implant Patient