Fort Collins Breast Lift Surgery 

Are you looking to improve the appearance and shape of your breasts? Whether children have left you longing for your pre-baby self or you've been considering alterations for some time, a mastopexy, also known as a breast lift, might be the perfect solution. Slightly different from a traditional augmentation where the breast is enlarged, a breast lift simply improves the shape and tightens the breast in order to reduce any kind of sagging. This way, you'll have beautiful, youthful breasts you can feel proud of. 

Before consulting with a doctor for what is right for you, you likely have a few questions. This page provides general information in regards to a standard breast lift procedure. It should suffice in offering a general introduction and overview of the operation, although any specifics will need to be handled by your doctor. In some cases, the combination of a breast lift and augmentation may be desired as some women do experience a loss in size following children or weight loss. So, when you are ready to talk specifics with your doctor, please feel free to reach out to our Fort Collins, Colorado Plastic Surgery Center at your convenience. 

What Is a Breast Lift And What Does it Do?

Over time, either due to genetics, a change in weight child birth or hormones, the shape of your breasts will change. The skin around your breasts will lose its elasticity, which causes the breasts to droop or sag. A breast lift is designed to restore the youthful look to your breasts. During an in person consultation, your doctor will be able to assess your body size and frame in order to identify what the natural contour of your breasts should be. At this time, the doctor will go over what the likely cup size of your breasts will be after  the procedure. 

Combining Breast Procedures

It is possible for you to drop a cup size following a breast lift. Correcting the sag in your breasts will tighten the skin, causing this potential size shift. If you would like to increase the size of your breasts at all, your doctor will likely recommend the combination of a breast lift and augmentation. 

What Takes Place During a Breast Lift

In general, in order to perform a breast lift a small incision is made around the breast. There are three different incision options. The best option may be dependent on if you decide on an enlargement as well. These incision options are:

  • Peri-Areola - an oval incision around the nipple
  • Lollipop - identical to a peri-areola only an additional incision is made down the fold of the breast
  • Inverted-T - Similar to a lillipop, only the incision made down the fold is continued further down. 

Why Choose Us For Your Breast Lift?

With a board certified plastic surgeon, you receive not only the best care but the best results. Specializing in breast enhancement procedures, you will have a staff dedicated to ensuring the most desirable outcome for your breast lift. 

After my kids, my breasts never looked the same. I wanted a lifted, more firm, younger look and feel. This is exactly what I received.
— Jessica Robins - Breast Lift Surgery