Fort Collins Breast Reduction Surgery 

If you have breasts that are too large for your frame, breast reduction surgery can help you shrink them down to a more proportional size, which can relieve any physical discomfort that you may be experiencing. Not only can smaller breasts increase your clothing options, but they can also improve your ability to participate in any physical activities that you may enjoy.

The Breast Reduction Procedure

Breast reduction will remove any excess fat, as well as any glandular tissue and skin. There are many different techniques and incision options that may work for you, and our reduction surgeons are Northern Colorado board-certified plastic surgeons that will make a careful assessment of your breasts during your initial consultation so he can determine what method will best suit your specific needs.

The breast reduction procedure will depend on their size and weight, and it may be as simple as making an incision that can be used for a breast lift. If they’re much larger, your surgeon may do an inverted-T or Anchor incision, which will also include an oval made around the areola. It will extend vertically down to the fold and will continue horizontally upward in an inverted T-pattern. This incision will allow your surgeon to remove any excess tissue, move your nipple to a higher location, and tighten the remaining skin around the area.

A liposuction procedure is also common during these procedures, because it can facilitate the removal of any extra fat or glandular tissue without making a larger incision.

Why Choose  Our Surgeons?

Our surgeons are well known breast surgeons in Northern Colorado, and they uses an AAASF-accredited surgical facility to perform any breast reduction procedure. They are all board-certified plastic surgeons through the American Board of Plastic Surgery, and they have performed hundreds of breast reductions each. They are both friendly and compassionate, and he works in a facility that is designed for safety, comfort, and privacy.

Many women find breast reduction surgery to be both rewarding and life-changing, and they experience a great deal of benefits. Working with an experienced plastic surgeon will reduce your overall risk, and it will give you the most in both comfort and confidence that will last for years to come.

If you live in Fort Collins, we can help you if you’re interested in breast reduction. You can contact us through our website, or you can call us at (970)368-4542, so you can schedule your free and confidential consultation.

After my kids, my breasts never looked the same. I wanted a lifted, more firm, younger look and feel. This is exactly what I received.
— Jessica Robins - Breast Lift Surgery