Fort Collins Brow Lift Plastic Surgery 

Why would someone need a brow lift?

As we get comfortable in our maturity, there are some things that go along with it that we don't like.  While the lines in our faces are proof of living a full, interesting life, they also can make us look more constantly tired or angry.  Fine lines, wrinkles and deep creases can create a sagging brow, and normal routines of staying hydrated and getting sufficient rest no longer make us look completely refreshed as we meet the day.

While there are some temporary measures that can bring relief, they are short-term and will leave you with the same problem fairly quickly. A brow lift procedure can provide long-lasting results.  

What are the best reasons to get a brow lift?

The most important thing to do first is consider why you are seeking a cosmetic procedure such as a brow lift.  The single worst reason for cosmetic surgery is getting it to please someone else, but there are many good, emotionally healthy reasons to get this simple procedure to improve your appearance.  Sometimes the reason is because of accident or surgery that left scarring.

But there are many other valid reasons.  Looking good and feeling good are often tied together.  The face you show the world is your emissary.  Our Fort Collins plastic surgeons understand how important it is to our patients to look as youthful and appealing as they feel, and will work closely with you to make sure that a brow lift is the right decision for you for the look you want.

What Is a Brow Lift?

There are two basic kinds of brow surgery, and all of our surgeons offers both of them.  The endoscopic procedure uses small cuts from ear to ear, within the hair. The tissue is anchored for compact adjustments, allowing for a smaller recovery time and less scarring.

The traditional brow lift normally offers no benefits, with a single long incision and excess tissues being removed to achieve the desired result.  However, it will be important to work with your surgeon to make sure the technique is right for you, depending on the severity of your skin imperfections.


Of course, your appearance is important, but imagine your self-confidence when you meet the world with eyebrows which have been lifted gracefully; smooth, more youthful-looking skin around your eyes; and a forehead lifted into a more natural, beautiful shape.    

Many factors will determine the extent of your brow lift, including your age, overall health, and lifestyle choices, especially smoking.  If you do smoke, you should consider quitting, as smoking will not only hinder your recovery, but keep you from having the results you desire.

If you live are interested in learning more about the benefits of a brow lift, contact us online or call (970) 368-4542 to schedule a free consultation.

My nose has always been a pain point for me. I felt like that is all anyone looked at. I took this thought process to your center and was counseled on my options. Thankfully, after my surgery, I have more confidence and am able to look in the mirror and smile.
— Megan Alexander Rhinoplasty Patient