Thigh Lift Surgery (Thighplasty) in Fort Collins

The miracle of perfect thighs is now more possible than ever before. If you have attempted to attain a firm lower body by losing weight, a thigh lift is a complimentary surgery to overall body contouring treatment, that helps to improve the appearance and shape of legs and the lower body. Body contouring and a thigh lift stands to reduce the effect of sagging muscles, excess thigh skin, as well as improve skin texture to a more youthful appearance. A cosmetic physician can guide the decision to seek the benefits of a thigh lift treatment.

Benefits of a Thigh Lift

Thigh lift treatment can drastically change the appearance of legs and overall lower body comportment. The solution to returning legs to their original strength after excessive weight loss or other body altering circumstance, a thigh lift is a relatively painless method of eliminating the signs of aging such as unsightly varicose veins and cellulite caused by obesity or pregnancy in the process. 

Tighten sagging skin and remove cellulite

Patients with dimpled, wrinkled, or irregular thigh skin texture are good candidates for thigh lift intervention. Medical contouring procedures address inelastic skin composition, tighten the tissues of the thigh, thus lifting and removing excess skin in a targeted area. Liposuction combined with thigh lift treatment removes fat deposits causing the dimpling, and stretching of skin leading to sagging and poor elasticity after weight loss.

Enhance Lower Body Contour

When combined with a more extensive body contouring treatment, a thigh lift can improve the longevity of results. Strengthening the skin and musculature of the lower body supports a tummy tuck or buttocks tuck after the excess skin is removed. The best way of creating a sculpted lower body appearance, a thigh lift defines the line of the areas immediately above the leg, adding control to the shape of the buttocks, hip, and stomach.

Why Seek Thigh Lift Surgical Treatment? 

Thigh lift treatment is well-suited to patients seeking other body contouring procedures, and especially those who have recently lost weight and muscle mass associated with an exercise regimen or bariatric surgery, or have experienced body altering effects from pregnancy. A thigh lift rejuvenates the elasticity of skin in the lower body, restoring legs to their original state prior to a life changing event. 

Licensed Thigh Lift Treatment in Fort Collins, Colorado

Body contouring thigh lift treatment provided by one of our licensed medical practitioner in Fort Collins, CO provides a client with restorative correction of sagging leg skin. Specializing in thigh treatment, our selected and licensed Plastic Surgery is a reputable body contouring surgery center with experience in restorative surgical practice. 

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I had spent the last year eating right and working hard at the gym but couldn’t get rid of the fat around my thighs. After my thigh lift, I have the lower body I have always wanted.
— Monica Barrnett - Thigh Lift Client